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  • The multi-modality treatment that was developed by Dr. Sagie is unique and based on clinical and research experience in the last 30 years with over 30,000 enuretic patients age 4-30.
    The treatment model is unique and takes into consideration all aspects of enuresis such as frequency, patient’s age, day control, dribbling, sleep depth, child motivation and more. The treatment is characterized by the fact that the model is tailor-made for the patient.

    The model encompasses behavioral therapy of enuresis, including enuresis alarm, short and mid term positive reinforcements, modeling, measurements of reflex and arousal response , daily training to increase bladder capacity and strengthen sphincter muscles.

    In some cases, we utilize other therapeutic techniques, such as forced intake, relaxation, placebo and more.

    The treatment is suitable for patients over 4 years old.

    We also have a special treatment program for enuretic adults.

    We achieve an over 90% success rate within 3-5 months.

    We practice this program in Israel at Laniado Hospital and at 12 children’s medical centers.

    The major Israeli medical groups (Clalit, Maccabi and Leumit) and medical insurance companies include our treatment in their medical insurance policies.

    The treatment process

    The patient and his parents (one or both parents) will be seen in our clinic for diagnosis and treatment plan (see above).

    Follow up sessions will be conducted every few weeks and according to the patient's response to the treatment, other techniques will be added.

    The treatment process continues until the patient is completely dry with no time or session limitations. In cases of recurrent enuresis within one year from completion of treatment, the patient will be entitled to additional treatment at no extra cost.