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Very few clinics routinely manage enuretic patients. The treatment model that is often used is drug therapy, usually using D.D.A.V.P. Some progress might be seen during the stage of drug usage and but often there is a relapse when the patient stops using the medication.
Some clinics treat patients with a buzzer (Enuresis alarm) which has only been found to be effective with 40-50% of the patients.
In his extensive research, Dr. Sagie found that in most cases, enuresis is not a medical or psychological problem and relates to deep sleep. Enuresis has a clear genetic factor.
He has developed a unique treatment model for enuresis which produces over a 90% success rate within 3-5 months. This technique is now available all over the world.
The treatment is characterized by the fact that the model is tailor made for the patient and takes into consideration all aspects of enuresis such as frequency, patient’s age, day control, dribbling, sleep depth, child motivation and more.
The treatment model encompasses behavioral therapy of enuresis, including an enuresis alarm which is detached from the child body and includes a Shabbat timer. In addition, the model includes short and mid-term positive reinforcements, measurements of reflex and arousal response and daily training to increase bladder capacity, strengthen sphincter muscles and to help the patient recognize the signal that comes from the bladder to the brain and to respond accordingly. In some cases, the model utilizes other therapeutic techniques, such as forced intake, relaxation, placebo and more.
The treatment is suitable for patients over 4 years old and up to 30 years old.
This is the only treatment which is based on a personal relationship with the patient and can be conducted either via the internet through a webcam or via telephone. Lack of personal contact makes the treatment technical. A personal relationship between the patient and the therapist is vital for the treatment's success.
This technique enables us to "bring" the therapist to the patient‘s home.
Since it is essential to keep continuity in the learning process, a special Shabbat timer was installed in the enuresis alarm. This device was approved and received a “Halachic Heiter” from Rabbi Shemuel Vozner, the Av Beit Din of Zichron Meir in Bnei-Brak.
The treatment is recommended by many distinguished Rabbis among them Rabbi Elimelech Firrer, Rabbi Tshulak, and Rabbi Kovalsky from Bnei-Brak and Rabbi Fisher from Yerushalayim.
The fee includes the treatment kit with the Sabbath timer. 
The treatment process continues until the patient is completely dry with no time limitation. In case of recurrent bedwetting, the patient will be eligible for additional consultations at no extra cost.

Parents' Testimonials

The treatment discreetness and confidentiality is strictly guaranteed.
The following testimonials are of parents of former patients who chose to share their impressions and experiences with the treatment.

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