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Bedwetting Solutions by Dr. Sagie

Dr. Sagie has found that, in most cases, bedwetting is not a medical or a psychological problem, but rather stems from deep sleep. 


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  • Enuresis is one of the most frequent and one of the most annoying disorders of childhood. A child is expected to become dry during the night between the ages of 2-4 years old.

  • Is it possible that after 25 years of bedwetting, I wake up dry?
    Is it possible that although the doctors determined that 

  • The multi-modality treatment that was developed by Dr. Sagie is unique and based on clinical and research experience in the last 30 years with over 30,000 enuretic patients age 4-30

  • Dr. Jacob Sagie, Ph.D, Psychoterapist and Enuresis specialist.
    Since 1984 practicing enuresis treatment with over 30,000 patients

  • From the Israeli press

  • Should enuresis be treated and when?
    Will enuresis stop without treatment?
    The child was treated with a buzzer but did not wake up? and many more questions...

  • Dr. Sagie establish the first Enuresis clinic in China

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